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Month: February 2017

My First Blog

Hello and happy Sunday to all, whether it’s a fresh one or your wallowing in self pity from a pint too many or the shock of your bank account being half of what it was on Friday, just remember tomorrow is Monday and you have another opportunity to fuck stuff up next week.

This is my first blog post, because lets be honest the world needs more bloggers!!! What I really want to know is when am I gonna get sent all the free stuff??

That is why I started this blog after all…..

I jest is a platform for my comedy jokes, photos, videos and when my next gig will be.

I love to make people laugh and if you like to laugh were gonna get along. The world terrifies me and I truly believe if we laugh 90percent of the way through it we’ll be grand and we shall all get into some kind of hilarious heaven!

I’m gonna shut up now and let you get back to refreshing Facebook, twitter, instagram, and pornhub!

Oh a few quick things I’m not a technical millennial so this page probably needs more work and bear with me as we make it beautiful.

If you are the grammar police I am a grammar criminal after 26 years of not knowing where to put comma’s or full stops I dunno if this dog will learn new tricks but ill try.

This week I’m gigging at

The fabulous Camden Comedy in Anseo on Camden St Tuesday 21 Febuary at 8pm

Back up to Dundalk where the Craic is mighty at Juice Box Comedy in the Spirit Store, Dundalk Friday the 24th of Febuary at 9pm

And the wonderful Comedy Crunch in the Stags Head, Dublin Sunday 26th at 9pm.

And if you don’t already you can follow me on

Instagram: annacliffcomedy

Facebook; Anna Cliff Comedy

Twitter: @AnnaCliffComedy

Follow me on social media and not on the streets cause that’s creepy but looking through photos from 2008 is perfectly acceptable.

Until next time Adios Amigos.