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Month: April 2017

My Podcast Virginity

How’s it going?

A couple of weeks back I recorded my first ever podcast with the lovely Spud from the Comedy Cast. I got some great feedback from the chat so thought I would share it once again on my website for any one that missed it.


The Comedy Cast Interview with Irish Stand-up Comedian Anna Clifford


My podcast virginity seemed like a fitting title for this post as its true and if you listen half way through the chat we start to discuss sex and it place in my set.

It took me a while to listen to it back myself as we can all probably relate no one likes hearing the sound of there own voice. And seen as I was present for the whole conversation I was trying to convince myself I didn’t have to listen back and cringe as badly as getting a flashback from a drunken night out. But it all helps and is part and parcel of being a performer.

I remember when I first learnt that I didn’t sound like what I heard in my own head, it was probably around the age of eight or nine when I was convinced I sounded EXACTLY like Sporty Spice this belief was crushed when I didn’t get into my primary school choir. Although I’m not sure Mel C would of had a chance either! I got over it by continuing to wear adidas rip offs,doing high kicks an singing out of tune!

Since recording the podcast with The Comedy Cast, I have gotten a bit of a bug for Podcasts. It is way more enjoyable listening to a podcast on the train or in bed than refreshing Facebook and realising its only use is for creeping, multiple meme tags  and remembering your friends birthdays.

The Comedy Cast is a great podcast to listen to. Some of my favourite interviews so far include the talented comics like, Laura Byrne, Brian Gallagher, Aidan Shields, Alex Byrne, Ryan Cullen and many more…

If you don’t know how to listen to The Comedy Cast follow this link

I have also been enjoying listening to Lena Dunhams “Woman of the hour”

And for the soul searcher in me Elkhart Tolle’s “Positive life” podcast.

If you have been listening to any good podcasts recently let me know as I plan on being a podcast slut from now on….

I have since recorded another podcast with the fabulous TJ Haughey  we chatted all things comedy and being creative, living abroad and life struggles it was great craic and I will share as soon as its posted but for now I’m going to make a sandwich.

Adios Amigo’s.