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Bit of gas: Cinco de Mayo

This week’s “Bit of Gas”

I want to wish you a happy Cinco de Mayo. 

May the fifth of May be with you, doesn’t quite have the same ring to it. Although the meme’s were out in force yesterday.

The fifth of May I can get more on board with..

Why am I celebrating Cinco de Mayo as an Irish woman you ask?

Well it’s mostly celebrated in the states, trust the American’s to take something and make it bigger, festivals….food and Trumps tiny…..tiny……toupee!!!

But I think Irish people and Mexicans are quite similar. Were both very religious countries, we LOVE to drink and we fuck our cousins….

Or maybe because we have similar celebratory holidays, Dias de los Muertos the day of the dead and St Patrick’s Day, the day of the walking dead!

Either way all I know is I love a bandwagon to hop on especially if it has something to do with tequila beers and taco’s. 

Fun Fact 

Cinco de Mayo is actually a day in remembrance of the Battle of Puebla in 1862, in which the Mexican Army successfully defended itself against the French.

A bit like when St Patrick successfully defended Ireland against snakes.

And maybe how you’ll defend yourself tonight against any drunken predators.

Don’t build a wall, build a bridge all the way to Ireland so we can session together!

Have a good one folks 

*Always eat taco’s responsibly*



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