Stand-up Comic


Anna Clifford is a comedian from Dublin. She is writing this bio in third person to make it seem like she is more established then she is and has a team working for her, writing her Biographies, booking her gigs and doing her washing!

As well as a comic Anna is a trained actor from the Gaiety School of Acting and loves to write spoken word and sing very badly.

She started her stand up career while living in Vancouver Canada a place she still misses dearly but the laughter must go on.

Since being deported she has been gigged all over Ireland before jumping ship once again from Dublin’s fair city.

Anna is currently based in London.

In Canada she was lucky to be apart of the wonderful Amusing’s Comedy Group with whom she workshopped, performed and ran shows with.

Performing and make people laugh is her passion and if you like to laugh your gonna get along quite well.

She has always been a Jester and truly believes that laughter is the best medicine followed very closely by gin!

For booking enquiries or any questions at all